Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coconut you're a nut.

Guide To Plant a Coconut.

1.Make sure you had a good Breakfast!

2. Make sure your land is fertile.

3. You really do have coconuts to plant.

4. Camwhore before you start (it's the best time cuz after this you'll be sweating like a pig).

5. Proper Attire doesn't involves wearing Selipar Jipun.


7. Coconuts are ready to be buried.

8. It's good to have extra help (actually I was the extra).

9. You can also plant other types of plants eg.Banana a.k.a Punti.

10. Don't ever forget to bring along your "Parang".

11. Important to 'shoo' off nosy neighbors.

12. Pray that it will grow exactly how you imagine it will be.

Random pictures

Cuz I'm hot and I'm cold.

p/s: I went to the crocodile farm after that so pictures will be uploaded soon.

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