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14 December 2008

We woke up early and had breakfast in our room. 8.00am we are off to Bandung, our tour Guide for picked us up with a black Suzuki van. We were excited, and interesting enough on Sunday people tends to do some exercise here. The street near to ‘Tanah Abang’ was packed with bicyclists rather than motorcyclists and there’s a carnival held. It’s a pity that we missed seeing that but we only got a few days left and I must go to Bandung!!! Jakarta just can’t stop fascinating me, the architecture was so-so but I was struck by the beauty of its complicated well carved statue. The most impressing statue was two warriors on a carriage pulled by horses; the statue was so real because it was carved as if the horses were galloping in speed.

All the way to Bandung I see beautifully carved statue, almost all of the villages there have at least a statue and all of them was astounding, it was truly art. The long 2 hour and 30 minutes to Bandung was filled with beautiful scenery and far different from urban Jakarta. We arrive at Bandung around 10 am and we went straight to the most popular tourist attraction, no not the factory outlets but ‘Gunung Tangkubang Perahu’. The air is much cooler in Bandung reminds me a bit of Ranau, there’s even a strawberry farm there and you can go to the farm and picked the strawberries yourself. We arrived at the mountain with thick mist around us, the tour guide assure us to wait a bit for the mist to go away then we could go to the top of the mountain.

I was pretty grumpy due to an off and on again flu, I couldn’t wait to start some shopping and thought this was all a wasted of time. Now that I think of it, it was pretty nice to get to see Gunung Tangkubang Perahu, Tangkubang is a Sunda word for hole. Bandung mainly consist of Sunda people. Although we didn’t get to see a thing, our tour guide told if we arrived at early morning we could see the hole inside the mountain. Gunung Tankubang Perahu was a volcano but was deactivated, so you can only smell sulphur and see bonsai, fir trees around it. A lot of merchants here selling their stuff such as Angklung, fur hats, scarf, wooden carvings and there’s even a horse ride you can enjoy or just for the pleasure of to be photographed riding a horse. Wewen bought that funny looking fur hat and I bought a wooden duck for my aunt Annie.

Then down we go and start our shopping!!! We start of at the factory outlets that sold mainly jeans and pants, every factory outlets here are label by street and unfortunately forgotten to gained more info about it. But the first street we went was decorated with colourful statue of superheroes and the outlets there were named after superhero such as cat women. There we had our lunch and I decided to try out some local cuisine, ‘nasi bakar komplit’. Rice was barbequed in a banana leaf and served with fried chicken, tempe, some kind of tofu with sweet soup. I can say I hate it or love it but it tasted pretty okay. Next destination was a Batik house, selling genuine Batik. The Batik was beautiful but it was so expansive, you can find a RM1000 top there. But it was handmade, no wonder the place was quite classy though mum did bought some Batik.

At the superhero street we went to a place where they sold mainly designers items factory outlets. This is the place where I’ve been waiting for!!! Almost every shop I went I bought at least an item. This street is much different with the superhero street, it has more walk space and the outlets is much bigger and not to mention cuter with better items to shop. I bought a bikini for only Rp 32 900 and it was from Roxy. You can’t see that price anywhere in KK even ugly bikini cost at least RM50. I was pissed that we got to leave the street, keep on cursing my uncle that we should have stayed on our actual plan to stay 2 days at this Shopping Haven rather than 1 day.

Although I was disappointed didn’t get to check out all the outlets at that particular street but the next street was okay. This street have an outlet selling mostly bags and mum bought me a red travelling bag. Try to find something I like at that shop but failed because I am not sure when I see a Versace bag or a Dolce & Gabbana bag whether it’s authentic or fake. Nancy should be there with us, she is a shopping goddess. So, Wewen and I did our own shopping tour, crossing from roads to roads to go to another outlets to another outlets. The most eye catching place I see at that street is a place called Heritage. It doesn’t look like a factory outlets, the interior design was superb. When you venture into the Heritage you walk onto a mason floor tiles underneath you can hear water streaming under your feet as if you are crossing a river. Inside the clothes were carefully arrange alongside beautiful decoration and the employees there were dressed in uniforms almost similar to the ones at the Batik House. It made me feel as if I am in some posh boutique rather than some factory outlets. Although I did see some factory items there, the dresses there are mostly high fashion and cost a bit more than the other outlets around. I bought Victoria’s Secrets lingerie there for only Rp 15 000 and a black dress for Rp 179 000. I didn’t manage to try on any dresses there, the elderly has summon us to go home. I bought that black dress out on intuition and prayed that it will fit me just right (and it did).

Before heading back to Jakarta, we stopped at this Nasi Padang restaurant. Before this my vision of Nasi Padang was different, now I know why they called it Nasi Padang because the waiter will served many dishes in front of you and give a big bowls of rice and all you do is take your portion and eat. The meal was so-so, nothing so special about is the dishes was plain and not as exotic as I thought it would be.

Suffering from another flu I had to force myself to sleep. I woke up we are at Jakarta and I realize it was my first time really seeing Jakarta at night. No wonder it look so beautiful up there, at night Jakarta is filled with Neon Lights, showing decorated lights. There’s even a caricature lights of Indonesia men and women, I find it rather creative wish KK had the idea to do this instead some typical Bunga Raya decor. I forgot to mention earlier mostly the flyover in Bandung are vandalised beautifully by finely drawn graffiti. It made Indonesia look like consist of creative people, those stupid vandals at KK should learn a thing or two from them before vandalising. I was awed by this scenery and until now I cursed myself because I failed to capture anything on camera.

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