Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ampat puluh anam toun noh tapa ku.

His black has turn to white,
Each line tells a story of its own,
He witness the world change through time,
Although ignorance is still the same

He walk us through the dark forest,
Held our hand and catch us as we fall,
Leaving us there yet whenever we turn back he is always there,
Silently he disappear when we are stronger.

A great man yet invisible to the whole world,
His wisdom only passed to his love ones,
His laughter guide us home,
His sufferings is left unknown.

a tribute to my Bapa.

Okay... I know this poem sux out loud but I don't fuckin care cuz I really wanna do something special for him and I thought writing him a poem will be a unique way for me to express how much he meant to our family.

So this entry is dedicated to my Loving, Funny, Wise Bapa.

22nd January 1962, my grandmother gave birth to a healthy baby boy and named him Raymond. He grew up to be a compassionate human being, a good husband and a caring father to his 4 children (I am the eldest). My father is a funny man although a bit shy but dare to be bold whenever he wanted. Through 46 years of living on this earth he has gone through a lot of ups and downs. He is a patient man but guilty for swearing at other drivers when he's driving.
He thought his children a lot about life, seldom sugar coating any bad situation cuz he believe in being honest.

Yes, I name one of the labels after him, "weird things my dad told me". My father is quite a story teller especially when we're on a trip, he would tells us a story about anything and he don't need a book to tell us a bedtime story. His mimic of a ghost never change but he curse word change everytime he could think of a new word, eg; banung, S.T.U.P.I.D (yes he spell it as he curse) etc...

He even give us funny nicknames
Cynta - Bosintau etc...
Wewen - Koruwen etc..
Nonoi -Bonoi etc..
Nonok - Kunonok etc..

Yes, he gives us a lot of different names and I can't memorize it all.

Bapa likes eating and I don't have any memory of my dad not being slighty overweight. He used to be SUPERTHIN and I only see that from old photos of him. He like taking us out to dinner, I remember when he worked as a bank officer, every payday he would take us to any restaurant we choose. He prefer indians and chinese cuisine than western or fast food but never complain whenever we picked a fast food joint.

He always have advice in any situation we're in, try to teach us to be more independant. Sometimes he may change his mind too quickly about something, sometimes he may be moody and everything irritates him, sometimes his eating habit annonys us, BUT we love him the way he is.

Bapa annoyed by our cam-whoring habits.

His favorite dog Toby.

My parents at our messy house.

Bapa said "drinking coconut water will cleanse your body." (BAGUS ITU)

Bapa and his step son.

Me Bapa n Nonok at a hair salon.

22 years and still going stronger.

Aftermath eye surgery.

~Eating is Life~

me Bapa also like to cam whore occasionally.

Eldest Daughter of Raymond Lidi.

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ShadesOfPurple said...

Happy Birthday to my dearest Eldest brother, Raymond a.k.a Lombigan. Huahuahua.