Tuesday, January 27, 2009


what can a girl do 11pm at night? I am watching TV but only half focusing.
My boyfriend is asleep and I am kinda hungry.

btw I am watching WWE RAW and my favorite wrestler is not in this series anymore.
Triple H.
He just look so tough and clean even with his messy long hair there's a certain mystery (unlike Kane and The Undertaker, mystery that doesn't involve encounter from the darkside) and sexiness in him. LOL.

Look at the size of those muscle.

I like his opening act though I do think it's a bit gross but the loght effect on his opening act is way better than HBK or anyonelse (my opinion). I mean come on "I think I'm sexy" song blaring for a short cross eye dude with cowboy hat.

nighty nite! i am off to finish a book.

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