Friday, December 19, 2008

The perils of being Beautiful

I got some story to those motherfuckers out there!!!!

The reason why I'm so pissed off is because some stupid asshole make up story about me and deliberately told Edmond about it making me look BAD when the truth is I never even done it.

The Stupid Asshole Fiqri, whenever you see some fugly dark skinny guy with very terrible zits on his face working as a damn banquet waiter at Le Meridien Hotel, Please spit on his face for my sake. I really hate everyone there cuz all they do mostly is make up story about you and made you look bad and worst probably create some totally absurd story about you.

Then this reminds me of my waitressing day at Le Meridien Banquet. The management there treats you like dogs and pay you minimal for all the hard work. Come On RM3 per Hour is the worst rate and they don't even give you enough rest only a mere 15 minutes for your food break and they'll cut an hour from your working hours. CAPITALIST!!! and to top that there you will meet the worst kind of nimble minded people.

Hotel workers should learn how to respect women, I believe it is one of the worst sexism I ever experienced. They're always shamelessly refered women as a sexual object and when a bold women came and they feel intimidated, automatically labeled her as some bitch. I even been called a lesbian when I was working (at that time with kind of masculine hair cut) at Sutera Harbour Banquet. WTF?!!!

And you know what hurt me the most is my own love doubting my own words against a rumor started there when he should backing me up. I keep on asking myself why would he believed that particular person when that person doesn't even know me. When all I care is him and why should I proved my own words when that person doesn't have anything to backed up his story.

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