Friday, December 19, 2008

Jakarta Day 2

12 December 2008.

Woke up and saw Jakarta in the morning, at least I finally did get some sleep after a rough night. I was expecting breakfast in the hotel, I could see a clear picture of me eating cereal instead my first breakfast was at some street shop eating fried rice under the rocky flyover, what a dump all and all to avoid payingRM37.00 to eat breakfast at the hotel. Then after breakfast, we did our first shopping at Pasar Pagi. It’s supposed to be a mall but I feel like walking into a flea market although the price was quite cheap. I bought a top there for 750 000 rupiah convert to Malaysian money, that’s like RM20++ and the quality is like buying a top in a quite expensive shop in KK. At Pasar Pagi, I got my first lesson about foreign money, feels like downloading a new software in your brain to get used a foreign country.

God, probably got something plan for us the hotel we were staying is fully booked and we gotta check out and find another hotel. From Hotel Ibis, we go to Hotel Mercure the odd way Indonesian pronounce Mercure made me assume it was another crappy hotel but I was wrong. Mercure hotel is a quite established hotel here compared to the one at KK, it had its own pool and fitness gym. Wewen and I was excited and glad, the gym means that I could continue my jogging routine here. Mercure Hotel is located at Jalan Hayam Wuruk.

Our next shopping destination after an hour rest at the hotel was Mangga 2 Mall and ITC Mangga 2 Mall. This two mall is combined by a junction bridge, packed with people and you can hardly walk and constantly pushed by someone. Finally there’s more annoying than crappy hotel adapter, “BelanjainEmba...”, how I despised whenever some sales person saying this and they say this every time someone walk by and imagine you are in the middle of 6 stores saying the same thing almost the exact time. With irritation and dizziness due to lack of space to exhale and inhale air, I walk through the mall and hating Jakarta even more.

5.00pm (Indonesian time), time to go back to the hotel, I only manage to buy 2 tee meanwhile Wewen found a bargain item that she loves, in my opinion obsess with it. She keep on playing with that stuff over and over again (wewen will tell in her blog). I keep on messaging Edmond how I hate my vacation, how poorly plan it was and how we have to wait for 3 hours for a cab. My legs are hurting from standing too long, finally we went under a bridge to wait for a cab. It was raining and flooding a perfect combination for jam or “macet” as the Indonesian says. We manage to pullover a cab although we were quite worried about my uncle and aunt not finding a cab. It’s true tourist is always targeted to be cheated and we did, the cab charge us 50 000 rupiah though still quite cheap but our hotel wasn’t that far and it wasn’t charge by the metre but by the cab driver request. So mom paid the cab driver his money and we arrived at the hotel an hour early than uncle and aunt.

Our hotel room seems like haven after the hectic city. Bubble bath is the perfect remedy for a weary day like ours, I bath for 2 hours, the steam, the smell of bubble fragrance so soothing and relaxing. I still wished Edmond is here, it felt odd not having him sleeping next to me. I missed him more whenever I saw some happy couple. But my happy mood was ruin when there’s talks from the oldies about not going to Bandung when my sole purpose was to shop in those factory outlets there. Thankfully mom successfully convinced aunt and uncle that we must go to Bandung. I slept soundly although my bed was practically a couch, dreaming of the day we go home. 5 days seems too long and I am still far away from home sweet home.

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