Thursday, December 4, 2008


The year of the tiger.

1st December is World's Aids Day and I feel privilege to share my date of birth with an honorable day as a reminder of Aids suffering people.

But today I am not talking about Aids just another photolog of the actual b'day celebration.
No... not the one we hit the clubs... Only my birthday dinner this time. My parents treat us dinner at 1Borneo and I am soooo... happy that Edmond got off work early and could join us.
Bapa also took us for minum-minum kupi/drinks at Borneo Rainforest it's kinda like a lounge in a man made forest.

***an early warning***
i wasn't wearing any damn make up so don't judge the level of my fuglyness.

Don't you just love christmas... Those christmas decors made me feel festive.

Remember the fucking shop... Yep this is the fucking shop.

Wewen gave me a big birthday present.


I heart Christmas tree.

The father and daughter....

The entrance into the Borneo Rainforest.

See... artificial forest inside... Suitable to anybody who wanted to enter a forest but don't have enough guts. A real Rainforest can be quite spooky.

Me look bad but can still rock a jambatan gantung... what do they call in english... hermm...

WTF?... sorry i don't know what this is... some hand made items sold there.

Yeah baby...

The surface feels like a real cave... well kinda...

See... even local alcoholic drinks is sold here (inside the square)... I've tried it all and I prefer Lihing.

Head hunter!!! Tambunan used to be a head hunter village according to me Grandpapa.

I look possesed.

I bought a book there. Local Kadazan Folklore will review it soon.

Suki... handmade and been used for centuries by local in Sabah...
Quote : "Kinda nice drinking coffee from a suki but its gotta be infected by bacteria cuz many people used this", Bapa:1 December 2008, 2100 hr. Rainforest Cafe.

Some house decor, wewen said it's a tanglung...

Gagah Berani pahlawan Dusun,
Gemar aramai ti walau di siang hari,
Lihing, bahar, montoku semua boleh,
Yang penting hati sentiasa gembira.

God, I should be sued for creating this stupid pantun/ poem. Or better shot dead. It doesn't even rhyme. LOL...

Nancy look like a chinese swords man.

She sell sea shell on the sea shore.

Books for future generations.

Anyone interested can simply, drive, walk, run, jog etc... to 1borneo 3rd Floor near the GSC cinema for a tribal experince at Borneo Rainforest.
Entrance fee is a RM5.00 coupon exchangeable for any item inside.
A local music show is held ever saturday at 3.00pm for those who are interested in tribal music.

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ShadesOfPurple said...

My swordy pic bah...should be captioned "Incoming muka asi! incoming muka asi". Kima punya muka, x sporting langsung!!!!