Tuesday, December 30, 2008

this is so overrated

I can't stand another commercial about Mawi and Ekin's wedding!!! I mean come on, not everybody wanna know about their fucking wedding... There's much more important stuff other than that!!!

I gotta say, I can't believe some people would pay 50cent to send a wedding message to them and I don't even think that they would even read them. I understand the fuss over Datuk Siti's wedding but Mawi?... Obviously I am not a fan of both of them but I do not hate them until now. Almost every 5 minutes there'll be a commercial about them. This is so overrated, people get married everyday... it's normal and shouldn't be such a fuss.

I wish there's another legal cabel TV other than Astro...

moody bitch

Jakarta day 3

Day 3 only 2 days till we bid farewell to Indonesia. Things were looking up, our plan today was to visit Tanah Abang Mall. Mom confirmed to us that Sunday we will be going to Bandung. Excitedness!!! Ate a good breakfast at the hotel, no more of the outside food fuss, ate the damn cereal that I vividly imagined, drink orange juice and tea. We’re looking happy and healthy, laughed almost all the way to the mall.

Today I saw the upper side of Jakarta, it look beautiful and much more modern compare to KK. But the traffic here is the worst, you can see people without helmets on bikes, crazy selfish driver everywhere and every minute you can hear honking. Honking seems like another language here, cars talking to each other and it wasn’t a happy one. Here, you can see more bikes than cars and rarely cheap cars around unless it was for public transport. There’s this 3 wheel kinda like a “tuk-tuk” in Thailand, at Indonesia it is known as “Bajai”, to me it doesn’t seem safe enough for anyone to ride it. Whenever we tried to make a conversation with anyone people here, all I can do is stared at them trying hard to understand what they say and worst when you stumble to a fast talker, I couldn’t understand a thing they said. It’s odd when I watch Indonesian drama, the language doesn’t seem that foreign or hard to me but reality is far from drama. Funny how Indonesian people look like Sabahan and it struck me odd that Chinese people here speaks perfect Indonesia while Chinese at Sabah mostly speaks broken malay.

Tanah Abang according to the friendly Cab Driver said that its one of the most popular mall here and it is owned by local artiste or commonly visited by local artiste there not really sure though due to the language barrier. The building is very green and it has 2 blocks and like Mangga Dua is a two block building link by a junction bridge. Block B is mostly for retail item, usually bought by dealers to be sold back, block A is more suitable to do shopping, has lesser crowd as you rise to the upper floor. I feel comfortable doing my shopping on the 6th and 7th floor where on the 6th is for boutiques and 7th is for shoes and handbags. At the 8th floor is for restaurant and food court, funny how you can find A&W chained everywhere like KFC at KK. KK used to have 1 A&W restaurant at Likas Square but was closed years ago. I bought a 4 inched pink heels for only 90,000rupiah and also a skirt / batik dress for a mere 100 000rupiah. I wanted to continue to shop but resisted so that I could shop at Bandung.

It was a pretty satisfying shopping day but when we’re trying to get a cab, I felt like someone unzipped my bag and thank God, nothing was stolen. I’m pretty sure that I haven’t forgotten to zipped it up and was pretty shock, I refrained from telling them at that time, it will only stir panic and I simply zipped my bag, paying more attention to my surrounding. I shut my mouth all the way back to our hotel. We were back early on day three to rest and enjoy our time at the hotel. After napping for almost 2 hours, mom woke me up and asked if we want to follow them to get some food. Wewen and I already planned our evening to do some swimming and exercise at the hotel’s gym but decided to postpone it to join them for some food hunting. Ina was left at the hotel during this little food hunt.

There’re malls near to our hotel so we decided to ditched taxi and do some strolling around Jakarta. It was kinda fun, you get to know the city a bit closer, have much more close contacts with its people, understanding the city a bit more, slowly my fear and hatred to this city dispersed. From our hotel, we passed a pedestrian crossing, passed a few old shops, then the Jayakarta hotel before crossing a street to a place call ‘food place’, inside you’ll find a pizza hut restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, Jesslyn bakery and on the basement there’s a sushi restaurant called Sushi Nobu. But my cheap uncle don’t want to dine in nice safe restaurant, he insisted that we follow him and he lead us to a night club. Actually he just saw a big neon sign and blindly lead us there when all along it’s obvious that place was a night club. By the way I was tempted to check out club 36 at Jayakarta though (the elderly prevented us from going out at night, next time will try out clubs at Jakarta).

Finally we did check out the ‘Food place’, we bought delicious mouth watering strawberry cheese cakes at Jesslyn, takeaway sushi and pizza. The elderly left us to eat at some hawker stall and we went back to the hotel just the two of us but manage to catch up anyway. Back at the hotel we decided to carry on with our earlier planned but unfortunately the gym and pool closed early on Saturday due to ‘Libur’, I believed ‘Libur’ means holiday in Indonesian not quite sure will google it or asked an Indonesian. Still I did manage to do a 30 minutes workout at the hotel.