Friday, November 28, 2008

Sonsomido, hiti oku Tambunan

"Sonsomido, hiti oku Tambunan' is from an old Dusun song usually sung by drunk during festivity, meaning Sonsomido, I am here at Tambunan.

Those who never heard of Tambunan or never been there, Tambunan is a rural village located at Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. Main population here is Dusun and I am a pure Dusun. My father were raised here by his parents. It is the place where I call home.

I have been here since I was still breast feeding but everytime is a new experience to me, it's a breath of fresh air than dirty old Kota Kinabalu. The green golden paddy field, cows and horses galloping around. The cool sun shining on my face and childhood memories accompany me through memory lane.

But my excitedness dropped when I got into a petty fight with Edmond but we made up and I took him to Mahua Waterfall manage by our Sabah Nature Park. It is so damn cold there but I did manage to capture some cool photos. Forgot to mention entrance fee is RM3 for locals and RM10 for tourist. Pretty cheap kan!!!

**Pictures are by random order**

Pretty good starting picture huh... LOL... Taken right in front the waterfall.

The made up photo. *MUAX*

LOL... Trying to look good...

when in fact it is friggin cold there!!!

It's not the tallest but it's sure worth your time.

you can see moss growing happily on the pipes.

It's a long walk to the waterfall. Kinda like jungle hiking...

No Fishing sign.

The tree is so big it made Edmond seems like a hobbit.

More made up photos!!! Pinjam Nancy punya Spek.. LOL

The magnificent... Jacynta!!!

Lala... we fight we made up!!!


My Kampung photos!!!

Kibi follows us even when I told him not too.

Poor Kibi, I don't why he is so excited to trailing behind us. He was with Kapcai but Kapcai gave up after stumbling through the village dog bullies. We then had to sent him back via Viva cuz a gang of dogs are waiting for him.

Flowers are nice... Not sure if it was planted by Mamatua or one of those wild plants but look nice bha kan.

Is this work of an arsonist? No lar... kali my mamatua yang buat.

Yes!!! Kids rice came from paddy fields..

Tobby showing his tight but smelly ass. He manage to fart lagi.

Rest In Peace my dearest BapaTua.

This hideous house will never finish been on construction probably before I was born.

Our Kampung House a.k.a Vacation Home backyard... See there's even a Durian tree and Rambutan tree... No need to bayar mahal-mahal, makan free lagi bha.

we live and we learn.

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