Friday, November 21, 2008

Santa Baby

ever heard the song of Santa Baby?... noh!!?... Que? never heard of the song?... well you must be living under a shell if you never heard of it. It's such a sexy seducer song, I imagine this song is sung by a Marilyn Monroe... she's so hot!!!

Well other than that it remind me of Christmas, how I love christmas... family gathering in one house, eating homebaked cookies and cakes, my dad's curry, barbecue, karaokeing, seeing Tobby, Kibi, Lotun, si Bapa Meow, Choro, Jelly, Zorro, mui2 and princess. (though mui2 and princess seem to be abducted MIA). Christmas is the time to spend with your loved one, to cherish every moment of it cuz you will never know when you might not see them forever.

When i was a kid, my parents used to give us present at christmas and even pretend the present is from Santa Clause although we did know Santa doesn't exist but our naivety seems to block our logical thinking. I remember calling my mom to cancel my christmas present and she simply replied (with annoyance) "Santa Clause already bought what you wanted, you can't change anymore", so I hung up thinking "man, I should have pick the skateboard 1st". Gradually we forget about Santa Clause and Christmas is all about parties (and an excuse to be drunk *wink2* to a certain someone LOL).

I am looking forward for christmas and wish this year everybody will be there, it's a time where we should forget and forgive.

A tribute to a long lost relatives...

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