Friday, November 28, 2008

The sales person ethic

As you read from ciean's blogs our ladies night out a.k.a my birthday party have been postpone to an unknown date. I'm pretty bump about it but what can I say things happen for a reason and probably this is another sign from the Almighty.

Though something pissed me off than that. Yesterday Edmond gave me my birthday present and I was touched because I didn't expected him to give me a present this year. The present was wrapped beautifully in a cute gift basket, inside was a perfume by Paris Hilton. WOOHOO!!! Finally I got a designer's perfume. I was very happy and excited only to find out that the perfume is actually for men.

Yup, for men. I only realize it this morning when I really read the label 'Heir by Paris Hilton'... I told Edmond about it and he said that the sales girl told him it was unisex. Fuck you all I can say to the Sales Girl. How dare that scumbag lie through her stained teeth when its obviously for men. Poor Edmond, I know how he felt.

This issue really pissed me off because I know that lotta sales person are like that. Lemme give you a situation, you walk into some designer's boutique wearing cheap clothes and I asked you this will a sales person give you any attention at all? Of course not, they'll consider you just another window shopper and worth none of their time. Worst if you walk into a computer store without no knowledge about computers, they'll just dupe you into buying some things you'll discover you don't even need. This happen everywhere I remember walking into some convenience store and saw this already expired bread (2 weeks expired) still on the shelf. The store was at this rural place where the community there is not that educated (but this was back at 1994). Probably my ethics lecturer is right the first person will go to hell is business man and the associates and any two face lying whore bitch sales person.

So who's the biggest fool of all... CONSUMERS. It's an old issue but still we got cheated over and over again.

I still love it and appreciate it. It's not the gift that matters it's the thoughts that came with it.
to my dearest Edmond

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