Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sabah 11th Hospitality Feista 2008

Sabah Fiesta was held at 1borneo from 8th November till 9th November 2008 (apology for the late entry)... There cooking contest between culinary students and Hotel's chef all of em' strutting their stuff and some of them manage to make food look so damn good you can't believe it is eatable... I did manage to peek the bartender contest and it was amazing though some of em doesn't seem fitted to be a bartender. Though bartender contest definetely more a crowd pleaser than the cooking contest. Congrats to all the WINNERS!!!

But I won't be commenting any of the competition due to lack of information. But i did manage to take photos of the food creations. YIPEE!!!

such beauty, it's still puzzle me till now to see an ordinary melon could be turn something like that.

This is my favourite food decor of the day.. tribal theme.. LOL

which do you prefer a wedding cake or wedding fruit decor?

If you don't look carefully it looks like cakes.

LOL... a man made by carrot and it seems to be whipping the poor fish...

this one i know made by whom by Jerry Ahad, Le Meridien chef...

can you spell D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S


That fish looks like its mad to be fried to me...LOL

This pictures is courtesy from the competition made by ATI students, Sammy and Shim.

The drinks... Cocktails anyone...? no one... then i'll get drunk alone lar..

First course of every Chinese sets, mainly combination of hot and cold.

the end..
food to live and live for food.

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Bee said...

I'll take the sushis mountains over cakes anytime!!!