Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Pilot’s wife by Anita Shreve.

What interest me to buy this book is the Oprah’s Book Club sign on its cover. I never heard of it before and was pleased to that it was money worthy. This book is about Kathryn Lyons’s handling her emotions and the media after the sudden death of her husband the pilot Jack Lyons.

Kathryn was awoken late night by Robert Hart a worker from a pilot union. Immediately she knew that the reason for his interruption is to break the news of her husband death. She was devastated hearing the news, she try to calm herself and be brave for her daughter’s sake. It got much was when the investigation rumored of a suicide by her husband. Refused to believed Kathryn runs her own investigation but all lead to a part she hadn’t expected from her husband. Her husband cheated on her with another women and kept a secret about his still alive mother.

What intrigued me is the question about ‘how well do you know your love ones?’. It kinda frightens me, picture yourself as Kathryn Lyons married 15 years and when her husband died, she finally realize than she doesn’t know her husband as well as she thought she did. It broke her hearts when she find out about the other women and the other women simply said to her it is harder for her because she is the one that knows about Kathryn. Then which suffers more the deceived or deceiver?

Anita Shreve succeed evoking doubts inside hearts and reminds you to be careful cuz looks can be deceiving, your goody two-shoes husband probably having an affair. PALIS-PALIS JAUH-JAUH

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