Thursday, November 20, 2008

Museum date

Those who live in KK and never been to the state museum all I can say to you is...

LOL... don't mean to act all highly but just a reminder to all that never been there, yesyes... i know museum is boring but I still go there (when the mood strikes). So this entry is another photolog about my visits to the Museum...

Though due to the museum main rule NO CAMERA INSIDE!!! I only manage to camwhore at Kampung Warisan or Heritage Village, located next to the Museum. Kampung Warisan is a place design like a genuine village only no one lives in it. There you will see old skool ethnic houses and it's kinda fun like going back to past without an actual time machine...

the end.
Go visit lar... suitable for your kids to learn about our culture and heritage.

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