Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 9

It has been 9 days since I started my training (LOL I sound like an Olympic athlete) and I am proud to yell/shout/confess/cries/say to the world I lost 2 KG... I know this may not be a HUGE accomplishment but it is something to be at least now I can easily do the grinding dances move (tried it this morning and I did it twice... YEAH BABY!!!) But dunno if I can do it with heels but will try to wear my new b’day heels tomorrow. So on Saturday nite, the ladies nite version 3.0 will be another success, cuz all I wanna do on my b’day is to dance some crazy sexy dance move and danced till I drop.

I can’t believe that I am finally 22 and healthy, I did a survey once and it says that I will die by 18... But here I am standing tall on earth and trying to live life every breath I take. I hope I have a good birthday this year cuz a superstitious rumour said a good b’day is a guarantee of a good life and a bad one is the opposite. But I don’t really believe it but I did had an awesome b’day last year and so far life had been good to me. The only thing that pissed me off this year is Edmond gonna be workin weekend long on my b’day... guess I spend it with the ‘bebes’... oh well....

Though there’s one thing keep on bugging me... I lost my watch recently (it was given by Edmond and I feel so bad for losing it) and I still don’t believe that it is really gone. Sometimes my left wrist ache as if it is still there only invisible. I hate that I lost it, it was quite brand new, maybe this is a sign that I can only wear the watch my dad gave me ( wore it 5 years ).

I have a lotta crazy projects I wanna do just for fun hopefully could do it all on the hols but anyway I’m going shopping at Paris Van Java a.k.a Bandung on the 11th December. I am so excited I think I’m piss myself on the plane ride there. It will be MY VERY FIRST PLANE RIDE and at this globalization era I could be consider as someone that really lives under a shell but WTF. I think I’m gonna quote Ewan Mcgregor with a little twist of cuz.... “LIKE A GIRL, I’M EXCITED!!!! WOOHOO!!!!” So I google Bandung the other day cuz I got to know what those factory outlets are!!!

And was not disappointed in fact I can’t wait for it cuz I wanna shop till I drop. Though I did read some of the item in those factory items might be fake and not off season. But crossed finger and hope for the best... My sis made me promise that we will go sightseeing even when the old folks decided it’s enough and hopefully can hit a few clubs ( I gotta try the night life there).

The winner pose... LOL

My red birthday heels

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