Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The birds and the bees

Being a women is hard, u gotta endure to many challenges awaits for u in every stage of your life.
One of the biggest challenge is men... i don't wanna sound sexist here but it's the truth. There's still men that doesn't consider women as equal. But my entry is not to discuss gender discrimination but about your own knowledge about sex.

Lemme start about myself, I am 22 and I am still learning about sex. But when I was 12 I don't even know about period, sure I heard about it but I didn't know that it suppose to happened to every girls, there's even one time I had my mom's pad inside my bag, one of my classmates panic when she saw it. She told me that I cannot show is to boys and my bag should safe guard so nobody would know about it. I don't understand what the big deal is, to me it's just some square thing with cotton in it, I even tore the inside.

This subject never been discussed by my parents and to my surprise, all my friends never had this kind of discussion with their parents. All parents would say is do not have sex before marriage because it is sin and you will burn forever in hell if u commit sex before marriage. LOL, sounds like threat to me... Probably to them kids will learn about sex naturally after marriage.

But they forget that the world is full of perverts, molesters, sex addicts, flasher etc... I loveeeeeeeeeeee my parents to death but I hate the fact that they don't teached me how to deal with those 'people'... I was only 12 when some pervert molested me, I was a skinny girl wearing baggy pants and a t'shirt too big for me, how do I fit to be sexually desired?... I was shocked and don't know how to react. All I do was look at the molester ( who happens to be a 20 something guy and a PTI ) and he was laughing with his friends as if nothing happened and what he just did is normal...fun...amusing...

I never told anyone about this until now. I was mortified by the experience and afraid when I finally let people know the will simply say " Why didn't you do something?". I really can't answer that questions cuz I asked myself a thousand time the same questions even after 10 years. I was naive and how can a skinny gawky kid stand up for herself against a group of guys.

I believe sex is a subject that should be discussed at early age not as a subject to be ridicule but to be discussed seriously. Parents should open up and be there for their child, teached them everything about the reality of life. Think about it...you may feel uncomfortable talking about this subject to your child but believe me, your child will thank you especially if your child happens to be a girl.

just a reminder to all and myself...

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