Friday, November 28, 2008

Sonsomido, hiti oku Tambunan

"Sonsomido, hiti oku Tambunan' is from an old Dusun song usually sung by drunk during festivity, meaning Sonsomido, I am here at Tambunan.

Those who never heard of Tambunan or never been there, Tambunan is a rural village located at Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. Main population here is Dusun and I am a pure Dusun. My father were raised here by his parents. It is the place where I call home.

I have been here since I was still breast feeding but everytime is a new experience to me, it's a breath of fresh air than dirty old Kota Kinabalu. The green golden paddy field, cows and horses galloping around. The cool sun shining on my face and childhood memories accompany me through memory lane.

But my excitedness dropped when I got into a petty fight with Edmond but we made up and I took him to Mahua Waterfall manage by our Sabah Nature Park. It is so damn cold there but I did manage to capture some cool photos. Forgot to mention entrance fee is RM3 for locals and RM10 for tourist. Pretty cheap kan!!!

**Pictures are by random order**

Pretty good starting picture huh... LOL... Taken right in front the waterfall.

The made up photo. *MUAX*

LOL... Trying to look good...

when in fact it is friggin cold there!!!

It's not the tallest but it's sure worth your time.

you can see moss growing happily on the pipes.

It's a long walk to the waterfall. Kinda like jungle hiking...

No Fishing sign.

The tree is so big it made Edmond seems like a hobbit.

More made up photos!!! Pinjam Nancy punya Spek.. LOL

The magnificent... Jacynta!!!

Lala... we fight we made up!!!


My Kampung photos!!!

Kibi follows us even when I told him not too.

Poor Kibi, I don't why he is so excited to trailing behind us. He was with Kapcai but Kapcai gave up after stumbling through the village dog bullies. We then had to sent him back via Viva cuz a gang of dogs are waiting for him.

Flowers are nice... Not sure if it was planted by Mamatua or one of those wild plants but look nice bha kan.

Is this work of an arsonist? No lar... kali my mamatua yang buat.

Yes!!! Kids rice came from paddy fields..

Tobby showing his tight but smelly ass. He manage to fart lagi.

Rest In Peace my dearest BapaTua.

This hideous house will never finish been on construction probably before I was born.

Our Kampung House a.k.a Vacation Home backyard... See there's even a Durian tree and Rambutan tree... No need to bayar mahal-mahal, makan free lagi bha.

we live and we learn.

The sales person ethic

As you read from ciean's blogs our ladies night out a.k.a my birthday party have been postpone to an unknown date. I'm pretty bump about it but what can I say things happen for a reason and probably this is another sign from the Almighty.

Though something pissed me off than that. Yesterday Edmond gave me my birthday present and I was touched because I didn't expected him to give me a present this year. The present was wrapped beautifully in a cute gift basket, inside was a perfume by Paris Hilton. WOOHOO!!! Finally I got a designer's perfume. I was very happy and excited only to find out that the perfume is actually for men.

Yup, for men. I only realize it this morning when I really read the label 'Heir by Paris Hilton'... I told Edmond about it and he said that the sales girl told him it was unisex. Fuck you all I can say to the Sales Girl. How dare that scumbag lie through her stained teeth when its obviously for men. Poor Edmond, I know how he felt.

This issue really pissed me off because I know that lotta sales person are like that. Lemme give you a situation, you walk into some designer's boutique wearing cheap clothes and I asked you this will a sales person give you any attention at all? Of course not, they'll consider you just another window shopper and worth none of their time. Worst if you walk into a computer store without no knowledge about computers, they'll just dupe you into buying some things you'll discover you don't even need. This happen everywhere I remember walking into some convenience store and saw this already expired bread (2 weeks expired) still on the shelf. The store was at this rural place where the community there is not that educated (but this was back at 1994). Probably my ethics lecturer is right the first person will go to hell is business man and the associates and any two face lying whore bitch sales person.

So who's the biggest fool of all... CONSUMERS. It's an old issue but still we got cheated over and over again.

I still love it and appreciate it. It's not the gift that matters it's the thoughts that came with it.
to my dearest Edmond

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am a huge fan of this drama... sure its an indonesia soap opera and it can be lame and owh so predictable with corny jokes but it got me hooked during the long "tanam anggur" season so wtf enjoy...

The drama is about Intan a young silly girl got pregnant, her husband died then a handsome doctor falls in love with her. Watch her endure her difficult life and being a single mother. This drama can be quite funny especially the scene when Intan's mother in laws get mad. It's a family drama suitable to all though lotta issues in this drama is a bit hyprocritical and shows prejudism especially towards single mother.

The drama is own Prima channel thats 105 and shows every monday till thursday at 4pm until 5pm.

The Pilot’s wife by Anita Shreve.

What interest me to buy this book is the Oprah’s Book Club sign on its cover. I never heard of it before and was pleased to that it was money worthy. This book is about Kathryn Lyons’s handling her emotions and the media after the sudden death of her husband the pilot Jack Lyons.

Kathryn was awoken late night by Robert Hart a worker from a pilot union. Immediately she knew that the reason for his interruption is to break the news of her husband death. She was devastated hearing the news, she try to calm herself and be brave for her daughter’s sake. It got much was when the investigation rumored of a suicide by her husband. Refused to believed Kathryn runs her own investigation but all lead to a part she hadn’t expected from her husband. Her husband cheated on her with another women and kept a secret about his still alive mother.

What intrigued me is the question about ‘how well do you know your love ones?’. It kinda frightens me, picture yourself as Kathryn Lyons married 15 years and when her husband died, she finally realize than she doesn’t know her husband as well as she thought she did. It broke her hearts when she find out about the other women and the other women simply said to her it is harder for her because she is the one that knows about Kathryn. Then which suffers more the deceived or deceiver?

Anita Shreve succeed evoking doubts inside hearts and reminds you to be careful cuz looks can be deceiving, your goody two-shoes husband probably having an affair. PALIS-PALIS JAUH-JAUH

Just live your life

I know I am a mediocre blogger shouldn't be commenting about other bloggers... but I just feel like I gotta say something and I just hate some female bloggers that seems to become more bitchier everyday... I mean come on, nobody is fuckin perfect!!! stop commenting how ugly people look like when yourself as well is far than perfect.

Those female bloggers is just lookin for their 15 minutes of fame, I have nothing against it but to used people and ridicule them is wrong. Find something useful to do other than being bitchy and mean. Don't like someone than shut the hell up... There's more problem in this whole damn world than yours. I don't know why it pissed me off, it just strengthen my opinion that our world is full of crappy assholes people...

Day 9

It has been 9 days since I started my training (LOL I sound like an Olympic athlete) and I am proud to yell/shout/confess/cries/say to the world I lost 2 KG... I know this may not be a HUGE accomplishment but it is something to be at least now I can easily do the grinding dances move (tried it this morning and I did it twice... YEAH BABY!!!) But dunno if I can do it with heels but will try to wear my new b’day heels tomorrow. So on Saturday nite, the ladies nite version 3.0 will be another success, cuz all I wanna do on my b’day is to dance some crazy sexy dance move and danced till I drop.

I can’t believe that I am finally 22 and healthy, I did a survey once and it says that I will die by 18... But here I am standing tall on earth and trying to live life every breath I take. I hope I have a good birthday this year cuz a superstitious rumour said a good b’day is a guarantee of a good life and a bad one is the opposite. But I don’t really believe it but I did had an awesome b’day last year and so far life had been good to me. The only thing that pissed me off this year is Edmond gonna be workin weekend long on my b’day... guess I spend it with the ‘bebes’... oh well....

Though there’s one thing keep on bugging me... I lost my watch recently (it was given by Edmond and I feel so bad for losing it) and I still don’t believe that it is really gone. Sometimes my left wrist ache as if it is still there only invisible. I hate that I lost it, it was quite brand new, maybe this is a sign that I can only wear the watch my dad gave me ( wore it 5 years ).

I have a lotta crazy projects I wanna do just for fun hopefully could do it all on the hols but anyway I’m going shopping at Paris Van Java a.k.a Bandung on the 11th December. I am so excited I think I’m piss myself on the plane ride there. It will be MY VERY FIRST PLANE RIDE and at this globalization era I could be consider as someone that really lives under a shell but WTF. I think I’m gonna quote Ewan Mcgregor with a little twist of cuz.... “LIKE A GIRL, I’M EXCITED!!!! WOOHOO!!!!” So I google Bandung the other day cuz I got to know what those factory outlets are!!!

And was not disappointed in fact I can’t wait for it cuz I wanna shop till I drop. Though I did read some of the item in those factory items might be fake and not off season. But crossed finger and hope for the best... My sis made me promise that we will go sightseeing even when the old folks decided it’s enough and hopefully can hit a few clubs ( I gotta try the night life there).

The winner pose... LOL

My red birthday heels

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Car Wash

I dreaded washing my own car but my 4 year old brother loves it and looks forward for my weekly routine carwash. So after a very serious entry I decided to post a chirpy entry.


must clean otherwise cynta will scold me.

Here's my brother explaining to me how to define the word dirty by showing dirt on my car.

Genesis is such a happy worker... He should be cuz he asked me to pay him RM3 and that's after bargaining with him. I believe that lil bro of mine is a 'business minded' person LOL.

Thank you my sweet but money oriented bro for helping me washing my viva...

Clean till you drop...

The birds and the bees

Being a women is hard, u gotta endure to many challenges awaits for u in every stage of your life.
One of the biggest challenge is men... i don't wanna sound sexist here but it's the truth. There's still men that doesn't consider women as equal. But my entry is not to discuss gender discrimination but about your own knowledge about sex.

Lemme start about myself, I am 22 and I am still learning about sex. But when I was 12 I don't even know about period, sure I heard about it but I didn't know that it suppose to happened to every girls, there's even one time I had my mom's pad inside my bag, one of my classmates panic when she saw it. She told me that I cannot show is to boys and my bag should safe guard so nobody would know about it. I don't understand what the big deal is, to me it's just some square thing with cotton in it, I even tore the inside.

This subject never been discussed by my parents and to my surprise, all my friends never had this kind of discussion with their parents. All parents would say is do not have sex before marriage because it is sin and you will burn forever in hell if u commit sex before marriage. LOL, sounds like threat to me... Probably to them kids will learn about sex naturally after marriage.

But they forget that the world is full of perverts, molesters, sex addicts, flasher etc... I loveeeeeeeeeeee my parents to death but I hate the fact that they don't teached me how to deal with those 'people'... I was only 12 when some pervert molested me, I was a skinny girl wearing baggy pants and a t'shirt too big for me, how do I fit to be sexually desired?... I was shocked and don't know how to react. All I do was look at the molester ( who happens to be a 20 something guy and a PTI ) and he was laughing with his friends as if nothing happened and what he just did is

I never told anyone about this until now. I was mortified by the experience and afraid when I finally let people know the will simply say " Why didn't you do something?". I really can't answer that questions cuz I asked myself a thousand time the same questions even after 10 years. I was naive and how can a skinny gawky kid stand up for herself against a group of guys.

I believe sex is a subject that should be discussed at early age not as a subject to be ridicule but to be discussed seriously. Parents should open up and be there for their child, teached them everything about the reality of life. Think about may feel uncomfortable talking about this subject to your child but believe me, your child will thank you especially if your child happens to be a girl.

just a reminder to all and myself...

Monday, November 24, 2008

The price of vanity

just dyed my hair and am feeling so happy it totally boost my self confidence. i've been feeling a bit low and been torturing Edmond with the same question everyday " DO I REALLY LOOK FAT?"...

So thanx to a new dye job i can look at the mirror and say, "Hey I look okay..."

Friday, November 21, 2008

Santa Baby

ever heard the song of Santa Baby?... noh!!?... Que? never heard of the song?... well you must be living under a shell if you never heard of it. It's such a sexy seducer song, I imagine this song is sung by a Marilyn Monroe... she's so hot!!!

Well other than that it remind me of Christmas, how I love christmas... family gathering in one house, eating homebaked cookies and cakes, my dad's curry, barbecue, karaokeing, seeing Tobby, Kibi, Lotun, si Bapa Meow, Choro, Jelly, Zorro, mui2 and princess. (though mui2 and princess seem to be abducted MIA). Christmas is the time to spend with your loved one, to cherish every moment of it cuz you will never know when you might not see them forever.

When i was a kid, my parents used to give us present at christmas and even pretend the present is from Santa Clause although we did know Santa doesn't exist but our naivety seems to block our logical thinking. I remember calling my mom to cancel my christmas present and she simply replied (with annoyance) "Santa Clause already bought what you wanted, you can't change anymore", so I hung up thinking "man, I should have pick the skateboard 1st". Gradually we forget about Santa Clause and Christmas is all about parties (and an excuse to be drunk *wink2* to a certain someone LOL).

I am looking forward for christmas and wish this year everybody will be there, it's a time where we should forget and forgive.

A tribute to a long lost relatives...

Baby Boy...

I am a proud parent of Donovan!!!! If i one day I decided to have a baby, it probably look like these... cute kannnn.................

Create Your OwnMake a Routan Baby

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Museum date

Those who live in KK and never been to the state museum all I can say to you is...

LOL... don't mean to act all highly but just a reminder to all that never been there, yesyes... i know museum is boring but I still go there (when the mood strikes). So this entry is another photolog about my visits to the Museum...

Though due to the museum main rule NO CAMERA INSIDE!!! I only manage to camwhore at Kampung Warisan or Heritage Village, located next to the Museum. Kampung Warisan is a place design like a genuine village only no one lives in it. There you will see old skool ethnic houses and it's kinda fun like going back to past without an actual time machine...

the end.
Go visit lar... suitable for your kids to learn about our culture and heritage.