Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To the middle of my frusted fears...

Guess what people.... in 3 weeks my final gonna come and kill me.

Yes, the dreaded season is coming soon and I was so oblivious about it until today... FYI I skipped class yesterday cuz I suddenly have the motivation to help Wewen to find a suitable dress for Dinner this Wednesday.

I woke up early, hoping that today will end soon only to find out that I had like a gazillion things to do.

1. 2 Test to study
2. Renew my licence
3. Service my car.
4. Passport
5. Finish a script for the drama tomorrow.
6. Redo my essay for English.
7. Dance Recital
8. Buy papers for Engineering Drawing.
9. Study for Finals.
10. Finish the C++ project

I only list ten of em'. I'll be crazy to remember everything. But to day at Math class I manage to do a time table for moi.

1. 2 hours math practice
2. 3 hours Drawing practice
3. 1 hour reading Material eng.
4. 2 hours Programming practice
5. 1 hour Titas
6. 1 hour Etika & Akhlak
7. 1 hour for academic reading.

not sure when can manage time, guess i'll be lacking my fucking beauty sleep this few weeks.

BTW I pray to the almighty to give me strength and wisdom so that I will not get sick and be as proactive, productive, possitive etc...

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