Tuesday, October 21, 2008

old scores

Old Scores by Bernadine Kennedy

What can I say about this book, nothing much… the storyline basically predictable. The synopsis is quite interesting though, about her trying to find her biological father and kill him. Reading that doesn’t it made you curious to know the whole story. As they say curiosity kills the cat… And it’s a total disappointment reading this book.

The main character is kinda like a nutcase. Why? Her mother hated her and lied through her teeth telling everyone she is adopted. When she finally knew, it was after her mother’s death and worst she is the result from her mother’s raped incident. And to twisted it more she decided to kill her biological father by attending a talk show to help her find him. She was surprised at the talk show by her biological father showing up to fill his part. Then *drum roll please*… Her Father didn’t raped her instead she was conceived out of the love of her mother life but listen hear… her own mother asked her biological father to leave and never come back.

To add to this twisted affair, her boyfriend leads to her brother death. That incident not only increased her mother hatred but also her 2 bullying brother and the boyfriend’s family. Funny thing is they don’t really cared about Eddie (the brother) who was a bit slow (like Forest Gump slow) when he was still alive. She then leaves for London to pursue a career as a hairstylist. She had a son with her business partner (An Indian), had a stable life and mental health until she visits her dying mother.

Owh, owh…. Then at her mother funeral she met her ex. She thought she hated her ex but when they finally meet, she fall back head over heels on him. But her ex is also involved with a rich old lady which helped him in his automotive business. So both of them couldn’t leave they spouse. The turning point of this story is when her nutcase brother tries to kill her but unfortunetly died on the way there due to his obesity (heart attack). But she was planning a suicide when her brother was going to kill her. So more drama…. The end is of cuz she gonna end up happily ever after with her hot ex and reconcile with her biological father.

I thought my family was twisted until I read this book.

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