Sunday, September 21, 2008

what's your problem?

what's my problem?... nothing really but i am so damn irritate at you right now for being such a dick and so inconsiderate of how i'm feeling.

i know i am not perfect in many ways, i know that i've made mistakes that i could not mend no more. My only last hope for salvation is God. He's the only one that could judge me.

YOU on the other hand, doesn't even have the right to judge me when you, yourself is human. i hate how you can be so mean with your words. you act so holy, giving me advices, acting as if i'm the one that always need help, couldn't be mature. you ego will one day backfire you.

have you ever give a thought how many sacrifices i've given to you, how i put you high on a pedestal. how can you be so ignorant, how can you forget all the promises you made. how can you stand there seeing me cry. i really want to hate you, i really wish i could stop myself from doing this...

i got no one but you... you made me lough and yet you made me cry... i love you and i wish i could hate you. i want you to care, i want you understand... is it so hard to ask for you to be at least considerate...

dedicated to no one...

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