Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the hopeless romantic

every single girl in this planet i believe is a hopeless romantic even though some of them would die before confessing being a romantic (e.g those pengkid lor)... i don't know why i am still dreaming of being swept away by some handsome prince on a big white horse to his lavish castle up in the mountains... but in reality my fantasy would be, a handsome 6ft tall guy with a straight nose, with pocket full of money (his money), humble, romantic, sensitive...yaddayaddayadda... there's no way a guy that perfect would exist except in movies (Gerard Butler is so HOT), animation, anything but real... so why am i still fantasizing?... because i am a hopeless romantic, it's not that i don't love my life (and him) but there's still a part of me wishing that my reality would be as beautiful as my fantasy... maybe it's just a part of being human, people normally wants more with their life (except monks, nuns etc...).

so here's a quote from someone famous that i totally forgot who, " Some people dream and some people face the reality but some turn dreams into reality"... so WTF people, dream on and hope to be able to make it come true...

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