Friday, September 19, 2008

animal attacks!!!

The Lidi’s clan believed that we are cursed. We are cursed with the gift to talk to animals… seriously… this is not a joke… I don’t think it’s funny at all….

Lemme tell ya’ll about a conversation my dad usually had with tobby (his favorite dog).


Si Bapa (Dad) : Tobbyx3

Tobby :[ Wagging his tail, letting my dad caress him]

Si Bapa : Kenapa kau Tobby? ( What’s wrong with you, Tobby?)

Tobby : [Staring my dad]

Si Bapa : Kau lapar Tobby? Nah…[ throwing whatever food he had]

Tobby : [Wagging his tail and fetch the food]

Si Bapa : [Stood up and fart at Tobby]…[Laughing]…

Tobby : [Still wagging]

Si Bapa : Kau suka cium kan kentut sy. ( You like it huh?)

Tobby : [Still wagging]

Note: Tobby do enjoyed being fart at by Bapa.


Cynta : [saw a cat trying to cross a busy road]

Cat : [Looking nervous, still wanna cross road, probably got kittens left behind)

Cynta : Meow, jangan dulu limpas bha! (Meow, don’t cross the damn road!)

Cat : [Startle, stop and wait for a car to passed then crossed road]

Note: The car was driven by Edmond and I sitting next to the driver while scolding the cat.

Case 3

Chimi :Meowing…

DayC : Kenapa Chimi?

Chimi : Meoooowww…

DayC : Ee… Chimi mintapuji… Tengok si chimi mintapuji…

Note: Chimi is their cat.

Case 4

The Lidi Youth Club : BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE TOBBY, BYE LOTUN, BYE KIBI, BYE MEOW, BYE CHORO, BYE JELLY, BYE ZORRO.

Dogs(Tobby,Kibi,Lotun) : [Trailing behind the car]

Cats(Choro,Jelly,Zorro) : [Lounging at the front yard, while looking at the car]

Note : All animals are silently saying goodbye to us to.

Extra info:

1. My aunt Annie founded a village of cats

2. Nancy rescued abandon animals

3. I cried when my dog Butch died.

4. We do a proper burial for all our pets.

5. Almost all our family had pets that will follow us everywhere.

6. My mamatua (granny) never not own pets.

7. Wiwin usually love ugly animals. E.g = Kapcai, Baby and Mimie.

8. All of us sometimes shared our beds with our pets.

9. None of us has allergy towards animals.

10. We only hate pest and insect. E.g = Nonoi is terrified of lipas (cockroaches).

11. Bapa likes dog’s smell especially Tobby.

So if that is not proof enough that we Lidis have a special connection to our pets… Here are some pictures as proof.



MsCie said...

So funny...the other day I have a funny conversation with Nonoi about dog's IC. So, tobey's IC name would be: Tobey John K, Kibby= Kibby John K (john k - from where it came from), IC number would sthing like ours la, i forgot the date,nonoi remember la. Do you think other people have such imagination?

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... our family's imagination exceed others...