Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MY LOVE IS LIKE whoaaaa!!!!!!!!

as i promise you... VIVA my newborn (tu na.. pic bapa dia)

posing like a proud mother...

she is beautiful... even though only 660...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

kibunut is where i wannabe...


independence day.... people watch TV, enjoying fuckin hol, releasing stress, maybe some not so lucky gotta work etc...

the Lidis Clan decided to raid KIBUNUT... WTF is Kibunut?... a place where you will forget that you ever lived in a polluted city.

Situated at Penampang, Kibunut River is a place where you can still swim in it without having any mutation on your damn body.

To Whom That May Concern:
Jacynta Raymond, born and raised in KK, 22 years of living never ever ever everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I blame my parents for this... (sorry ma n pa)

better than the devil...

yesterday was hectic for me.
it feels like i am wrap in a hurricane.

first of all i wanna apologize SAA 9239 for not wrecking her fucking car... Until now i wish i could do more damage. it's not that i hate you, you are just at the wrong place and time...

2nd, to an old acquaintance... Really don't bother calling or trying to talk to me. you are a disgusting-fat-pig-smelly-armpits-rotting-teeth-bastard so i would be mortified if you ever call me again. please i want to pretend that i dunno you.

3rd to an old cranky smelly pussy, i thank you for helping me but that doesn't mean i have to take your side or even like you. you are such a coward ass licking bitch, please die earlier so we could get peace.

to a lost friend, we still care even if you have been so stupid in your decisions. wake up dude!!! that two faced lying whore fat bitch will gonna leave you someday.

and last but not least A BIG THANKS TO GOD...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008



besalah masih pantang mah)

she weigh quite heavy.
skin dark like mine.
full head of hair. (shiny black

ishh... you can see later la on my next entry.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Location : Megalab UMS
DressCode : Formal
DressCode (mine) : Purple polo shirt, tight black pants and converse sneakers...
Physical State : Hungry to death. (haven't breakfast yet) + trying hard to ignore the fact that my eyes is almost glued together a.k.a very sleepy la kima...
Mental State : Still normal, thinking why did i forgot to bring my set square set. Kima again... and bored...

Since my math lecturer decided to end class early today, I will act as a lecturer as his behalf... Obviously not teaching about math... But i will teach how to curse like a pro Sabahan...

1. Pukima
2. Sial
3. Butu Kau lar..
4. Pigi amput anjing...
5. babi ko.
6. shitt men...(pronounce it like a sabahan)
7. fak U...
8. tontolou...
9. any related to female/male genitals in chinese not sure what's the spelling.
10. ko ne budu/bangang/palui etc...

and now you have it... how to curse like a pro Sabahan...


Note : I only curse out loud like a muthafuckin sailor when stuck in a jamm or any fucked up situation.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

what's your problem?

what's my problem?... nothing really but i am so damn irritate at you right now for being such a dick and so inconsiderate of how i'm feeling.

i know i am not perfect in many ways, i know that i've made mistakes that i could not mend no more. My only last hope for salvation is God. He's the only one that could judge me.

YOU on the other hand, doesn't even have the right to judge me when you, yourself is human. i hate how you can be so mean with your words. you act so holy, giving me advices, acting as if i'm the one that always need help, couldn't be mature. you ego will one day backfire you.

have you ever give a thought how many sacrifices i've given to you, how i put you high on a pedestal. how can you be so ignorant, how can you forget all the promises you made. how can you stand there seeing me cry. i really want to hate you, i really wish i could stop myself from doing this...

i got no one but you... you made me lough and yet you made me cry... i love you and i wish i could hate you. i want you to care, i want you understand... is it so hard to ask for you to be at least considerate...

dedicated to no one...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Releasing the dancer in me…

8th October would be my Tarikh Keramat the day where I would be strutting my dance move in public. My in famous chicken dance/barrel hopping would be known to the public eyes…

I am so joking… I would drop dead dancing in public if I’m not drunk enough…. LOL… so here’s the real deal… I would be performing a traditional dance choreograph by the fabulous Daisy and everything will go well… only 1 teeny problem…


I have the gracefulness of a robot…. No…I’m not kidding… I am so not a dancer… please God tell me why did I agree to do this….

how's my dancer look?... pretty OK jua bha.

The victims... LOL... Dancers lar... minus Fab Daisy

the after math.... ready to hit the clubs...

The Historian

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

To My dear and unfortunate successor:
It is with regret that I imagine you, whoever you are, reading the account I must put down here. The regret is partly for myself – because I will surely be at least in trouble, maybe dead, or perhaps worse, if this is in your hands. But my regret is also for you, my yet –unknown friend, because only by someone who needs such vile information will this letter someday be read. If you are not my successor in some other sense, you will soon be my heir –and I feel sorrow at bequeathing to another human being my own, perhaps unbelievable, experience of evil. Why I myself inherited it I don’t know, but I hope to discover that fact eventually –perhaps in the course of writing to you or perhaps in the course of further events…

Every words of it captivates me with the sudden urge to must-have-this-book moment, I foolishly used almost half my allowance to buy the damn book (it was rather cheap RM35.90 for a hardcover book, how can I resist). I furiously read the first half of the book but then I stopped –because…

The book is based on a famous European legend, I believe almost everybody heard of it… It was a legend where around the 1400, an evil King ruled the land Wallachia, he ruled it with an iron fist and was famous for his method of torturing his prisoners and his own people. It was rumored that he will live forever but died a sudden death in a battle, where his head is cut off from his body as proof for the Sultans that Vlad the Impaler is dead and from there the legend of Dracula begins. Through this book I learnt that Draculya or Dracula is a Romanian word for dragon (I am not sure whether that is true or not, I couldn’t find time to research about it).

Although the book is based on the legend, the storyline is fictional. Reading this book I felt as if I am travelling Europe, I know this might sound absurd especially for someone who ‘never even been on a plane’. The ‘journey’ started at Amsterdam at the 1960s from a teenager point of view. The writer created this character as an obedient, intellectual and quite attractive girl. She lived with her diplomat father as an only child, and was quite worldly for her age. She was raised motherless and often left with her nanny when her father was on a business trip. The father never revealed who her mother is, it was a subject he refused to answer and she being an obedient child never pestered him about it.

So it began out of curiosity, the girl in her father’s library stumble into some books she knew her father kept away from anyone. The book was empty none was written on it except on its cover the word draculya and a dragon on top of it. The dragon had a menacing look on its eyes with the book she found pieces of old letters. The letter began as with the paragraph that captivates me, it was sign by a Professor Rossi whom the girl never heard from her father. After reading the letter her curiosity grows and she began to asked questions about it to her father. Her father reluctantly told her the stories.

Her father (Paul) started his story in the 1940s when he is still a scholar at an American University (Her Father was American), the Professor Rossi is his mentor. The Draculya book found him in a library on a desk he usually study. He ignores it at first but was soon interested by it after seeing the dragon, the word drakulya urge him to do a research about it. The more information he discover the more fascinated he become. He refers to his mentor about the book but after referring to his mentor, Professor Rossi mysteriously disappear without a trace. His quest to find his mentor leads him more than a mystery, he soon find himself in life threatening situation though it leads him to share his quest with a beautiful foreign stranger whom a scholar and is the unknown child of Professor Rossi.

This novel is mainly based on a second person narrator; it is based on each letter read by the girl. Although she is one of the main characters I find that her role is less interesting than the other characters. Mainly all of the character is scholars from various places such as Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, London and France. The book successfully shows how exotic culture can be and naïve as I am; I felt that the writer has managed to explain each country very detailed.
So the reason I stopped reading is, I could already expect the end of the story so it is no surprise to me that foreign stranger is the girl’s mother and Dracula will finally rest in peace forever. The climax of the story failed to excite me. All the excitement of reading this novel ended when they found Professor Rossi is a captive prisoner by Dracula and begun the process of being the undead.

My personal conceited opinion would be this book managed to fool me thinking that learning History is veeeerrrrryyy cool although the ending sucks I still prefer Dracula because he is more human than the other character minus the undead thing though. Think about it anyone in the right mind wouldn’t pass a chance to live forever and plus you can still be owh so sexy even if you’re 200 years old. So I am shallow, I am selfish, I am ignorant but I’m just a girl trying to survive in a cruel hypocrite world so fuck you again.

Friday, September 19, 2008

animal attacks!!!

The Lidi’s clan believed that we are cursed. We are cursed with the gift to talk to animals… seriously… this is not a joke… I don’t think it’s funny at all….

Lemme tell ya’ll about a conversation my dad usually had with tobby (his favorite dog).


Si Bapa (Dad) : Tobbyx3

Tobby :[ Wagging his tail, letting my dad caress him]

Si Bapa : Kenapa kau Tobby? ( What’s wrong with you, Tobby?)

Tobby : [Staring my dad]

Si Bapa : Kau lapar Tobby? Nah…[ throwing whatever food he had]

Tobby : [Wagging his tail and fetch the food]

Si Bapa : [Stood up and fart at Tobby]…[Laughing]…

Tobby : [Still wagging]

Si Bapa : Kau suka cium kan kentut sy. ( You like it huh?)

Tobby : [Still wagging]

Note: Tobby do enjoyed being fart at by Bapa.


Cynta : [saw a cat trying to cross a busy road]

Cat : [Looking nervous, still wanna cross road, probably got kittens left behind)

Cynta : Meow, jangan dulu limpas bha! (Meow, don’t cross the damn road!)

Cat : [Startle, stop and wait for a car to passed then crossed road]

Note: The car was driven by Edmond and I sitting next to the driver while scolding the cat.

Case 3

Chimi :Meowing…

DayC : Kenapa Chimi?

Chimi : Meoooowww…

DayC : Ee… Chimi mintapuji… Tengok si chimi mintapuji…

Note: Chimi is their cat.

Case 4

The Lidi Youth Club : BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE TOBBY, BYE LOTUN, BYE KIBI, BYE MEOW, BYE CHORO, BYE JELLY, BYE ZORRO.

Dogs(Tobby,Kibi,Lotun) : [Trailing behind the car]

Cats(Choro,Jelly,Zorro) : [Lounging at the front yard, while looking at the car]

Note : All animals are silently saying goodbye to us to.

Extra info:

1. My aunt Annie founded a village of cats

2. Nancy rescued abandon animals

3. I cried when my dog Butch died.

4. We do a proper burial for all our pets.

5. Almost all our family had pets that will follow us everywhere.

6. My mamatua (granny) never not own pets.

7. Wiwin usually love ugly animals. E.g = Kapcai, Baby and Mimie.

8. All of us sometimes shared our beds with our pets.

9. None of us has allergy towards animals.

10. We only hate pest and insect. E.g = Nonoi is terrified of lipas (cockroaches).

11. Bapa likes dog’s smell especially Tobby.

So if that is not proof enough that we Lidis have a special connection to our pets… Here are some pictures as proof.


confession of a bankrupt princess

I got a new hobby!!! YAY!!!

I so heart shopping… but because I am currently broke to death I could only afford to look and adore from afar…

So here come the new hobby…(drum roll everybody!!!)















all the dresses is from Voir... The 1st LBD i tried on reminds me a bit of Audrey Hepburn.

how could you not heart this dress...

the pauper...

Since I am currently broke… I could only afford to try on dresses that I couldn’t buy unless it’s Christmas or any people related to me with money(gaji time lar), would buy it for me.


When I was a teenager I loathe going out with my family. I admit that I used to have the urge to fit in. To resist being an individual instead wanted to be a part of a group. But that’s common among teenagers though it did affect me until now. Not the part of loathing an outing with my family but afraid of showing and being an individual. I still hide behind someone’s back and try not to create any attention so that nobody will realize my existence.

But deep inside my heart there’s someone in me that crave for attention, loving every minute being in the limelight though I wouldn’t admit it out loud. I wanna people recognize me not just as some girl next door or some quiet girl that will only speak up whenever she’s in her comfort zone. I envied every human being that have the courage to speak out loud what their opinion (no matter how stupid it sound), I envied those attention seeker people because I would never be as daring as that.

Whenever I watched a movie with a daring character, I keep on wishing I could be just like that. I did try to channel some character as my own, I will admit now that I used to imitate Daria a cartoon character at MTV. The reason I imitate this character because she is bold, she’s not the type to pleased people or give a crap about what they think about her, I like the fact that she seldom smiled. I like bitchy character more than the nice one. I prefer Lindsay Lohan as a Mean Girl in ‘Mean Girls’, I like those bitchy types that will do anything to get what she want no matter what. It makes me wonder why can’t I be like that.

Why can’t I just treat people like trash I don’t give a fuck with whether they like it or not. I want to be brave, I want to be courageous, I want to be bold… and yet I am anything but that…

I am just a plain and ordinary girl, trying to strive, trying to keep up, struggling to be a part of this world, hoping that one day this plain girl voice would be heard by somebody.

This entry will be ended by pictures of our family little outings.

my minor dream is to get one of those without going broke...

i like this picture... my bro and sis has a tight bond... the youngest is protected by all...
i'm just showing off... muahaha...