Friday, August 22, 2008

when innocence is gone


I wish I could turn back time and stay on that certain time forever. I wish I’m still a child where no would be no worries for me and I am free of responsibility and free to idolize Spongebob (and not be embarrassed). But I know I couldn't’t do that, there’s no time machine yet invented for me to do that. Isn’t it cool if people could do that, but that would mean people could change history anytime they want. Heck, Elvis might still be in the building, you know what I mean LOL… okay that’s not funny at all.
But I really miss being a kid… I watch my brother play, being carefree as if there’s no war going on in this world, and the world that exist is only through his eyes. Knowing so much is a sin, the more people know the more curious they become and now everybody walking to the devil’s path. LOL But I don’t fucking care about that it’s just how human are made in my opinion, it’s natural for wanting to gain information, to learn, whatever excuses there is for being nosy.
So what I really mean is there’s nothing I can do than moving forward and accepting every single shit anyone could throw to me and maybe after all that I could throw my shit on someone. Life’s shit…

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MsCie said...

what inspired this entry? Macam sedihhhhhhhh betul ni.....