Wednesday, August 20, 2008


okay... if anyone wondering what the fuck is suruk, i don't even know how to explain... it's an insect that found usually at my kampung(village/hometown/whatever). so here's the odd story about this insect... people eat em... yep... my great grandmama did it and so did my grandmama and i think my dad tried it once... they're fried the insect and my dad keep saying tumis (a dusun word associate with cooking) the thing. the funny thing is my dad keep on telling me this insect lived off cows... not on their dirty backs like those birds but on its shit... huahuahua... i know it's quite an impolite word to put. but i just can't help it... so if there's anyone who could educate me on this insect please email me cuz i really wanna know about this insect scientifically.

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