Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my obsession on PS I LOVE YOU


P.S. I love you Photoshoot

i am so obsess with this movie... its a love story and a chick flick but i just so...so... obsess with it... i watch it almost ... i even lost count how many times i watch it... LOL... and i cried everytime i watch it and now i think i know the dialogue, storyline, scene by heart as if i'm the one written the story... LOL... okay enough of that... lets be logical for a minute... because i'm in the mood of analyzing myself, I think the reason i'm obsess with is becouse probably i'm hoping i would get a love life like that (minus my husband dying lar...) and Gerard Butler is the hottest man alive. I mean who doesn't want a husband like Gerry, he's attractive, funny, sweet, charming and he even can sing. I can imagine him singing a lullaby to me right now...LOL... Gerard Butler played Gerry so well I thought that Gerry really does exist... the other character doesn't gave me that much impact on me... But still it's a good story but pity it doesn't make me wanna read the book becouse in my opinion this movie cannot be told by any other than Gerry.
Okay, scene that made me cry is (TOP 3) :
1. When Holly called Gerry's Cell after the funeral just to hear his voicemail.
2. When Holly asked Gerry to turn off the light only to realised Gerry's gone then saw "Gerry" on the couch playing his guitar (Gerard Butler Should be a Singer).
3. After Holly got rid of Gerry's things and felt Gerry cuddling her.

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