Friday, August 15, 2008

my daddy

pada hari ini 15 August 2008, my daddy is gonnabe a freelance artist... LOL... he'll be specializing in painting watercolor scenery and will be selling his artwork on ebay and probably at any kaki lima or mall nearby... ROFL... OKAY STOP!!! I don't mean to ridicule my dad... the truth is he really does know how to paint but i never really consider him as a serious artist. it's just seem funny that my daddy who used to be a CEO in a company is considering to be an artist but who am i to say, i am only his oldest daughter. But painting is good for him, (he's probably bored working as our family driver) though it reminds me when he was interested in landscaping and our little garden backyard turn into a half real garden (our house has a problem in the squarefootage department) then a couple months later that garden is destroyed by MR Butch (My puppy now dead). after that catastrophe dad never did rebuild his babylon garden so like the real babylon garden it is HISTORY. so i'm hoping the best to my dad as an inspiring painter...


si Bapa and Nonok at Ranau's Rose Garden

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