Friday, August 15, 2008

it makes me wanna puke...

herrmm... i don't mean to be judgemental but why do women that got abused or unhappy with their past relationship always end up with the people that made them unhappy. fortunetly i haven't got the opportunity to be miserable with someone... but what am i kiddin, i don't have the rights to crictize anyone becouse i am not perfect myself. but lord... i can't help it... this issue still makes my stomach swirl... and no matter how others help to influence them to leave the relationship, those women still wind up with the same guy who made them miserable, it is as if they stuck in a cricle and couldn't find the way out or probably blinded their eye so they wont see the exit to their misery. It's not my problem but why do i pity them? why do i still try to help them when it's obviously to no avail. i wish i could slap them and said you are better off without him and be done with it... and i could think of at least 2 pathetic women who needed a slap.

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