Friday, August 15, 2008

an exhausted student

aiya... so tired... everyday got things to do. i feel as if i can't keep up with the pace and i feel like a clown...

and techniquely i am cuz i can't act serious it make my head hurts... LOL... but it's the truth... Yesterday when i was in Academic Writing and Reading Lecture, Mr Mark (The Lecturer) asked us to write a background paragraph on Illegal Immigrants, it's supposed to be a very senang one... but my brain just couldn't process and when he gave ma the newspaper article, my keep playing Disturbia by Rihanna over and over again. all those words seem to be latin and i couldn't understand any of it. and to make things worse when Mr Mark ask me to point a definition, i was dumbfounded... and i had to ask a friend of mine (whom i regard as an intellectual snob) to help me to point it out and the answer turn out to be so obvious, i wish i'm an ostrich so i could hide my head in a hole (but that would be stupid).


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