Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dantai beach

as half kota beludian (lol i juz invented that word), i never went sight seeing there as much as i would want to. mainly when i'm there is only to visits relatives and attend our annual family gathering. so it isn't odd for me never once knew that there's a beach there. so last weekend my family and i decided finally to raided that fucking place.
**Aside for the sole purpose for adventure, we actually went there to surprise my SOT sister who participate in an SDA (Seven Day Adventist) Youth day**

there's actually 2 beaches at Kota Belud, the one where we went was Pantai Dantai or Dantai Beach lar... it's still undisturbed by any development though i'm afraid the human species may have already destroyed it. There's rubbish everywhere and too many people flocking without no environment awareness, come on people it's our fucking world!!! Take fucking good care of it not just for our benefits but the whole fucking generations. So before we lost this natural treasure, i'm begging to all kota beludians to start Caring and Aware that our beach is gonna be ruined becouse of us if this doesn't stop.

look at this ruined beauty....

my bro playing... he couldn't resist the sea...

from afar my dad look as if he is lounging with a bootle of beer, it's actually 7up.


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