Monday, August 18, 2008


this is yet another unfinish work of mine (as if anybody cares i'm explaining)... so here's KOTA KINABALU.

This is the main place for people under 18 to hang out. and i am guilty as charge for doing it back then... until now i still don't understand the fascination for this place.

used to be my tibi clinic
To me it look like a lab for an Evil professor.. with all that bars and all... But actually it's a clinic for TIBI patients...

the flyover near kramunsing... oldest flyoever in sabah
Okay maybe most of people who never been to Sabah will think sabah is still very kampung... but FYI we already got a flyover build on 2001. (bangga kunun)

huahua... something doesnt seem quite right

will be continue soon... tadaa...

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