Thursday, February 12, 2015

Clash of clan

Ever heard of clash of clan? or better known as COC... It is this mind controlling online game where you can build an empire and attack other empires then you can merge with other empires to create a "clan". You can then declare war with other clan. Anyway... before I go any further please watch this video first.

This gotta be the best advertisement I ever saw.

The first time I heard about this game... I think was a year ago, none of my circle of friends played it when I first downloaded it through some app online advertisement. My first thought was... hey this game kinda like DOTA. But I never really like playing game except for Skyrim which I picked it up during my free time when the construction site I was working at was closed down due to EIA stuff. Then my laptop broke down and I didn't resume any game except mobile games. The games I usually downloaded is quite simple, puzzles like Triple town, hangman... just game that I downloaded so I can play while bored or any awkward situations.

Then last month my boyfriend started playing it and he was obsessed with the game. I didn't understand why someone can be so preoccupied with a silly game and I thought... maybe I should download it again just for fun since the project I'm working is delayed. I never ever would have guess that I will be like my boyfriend. Playing that fucking game untill 3 fucking A.M. Waiting patiently for my army to finish training so I can attack other villages and I can collect trophy so I can get the 450 gem and buy the fourth builder. Why I need the builder? So i can upgrade my fucking EMPIRE!!!! The more you upgrade your empire the stronger it is and the longer you needed to wait. You will need more money and elixir. That's why you have to attack for the loot. You also need to upgrade your defense so your hard earned treasure won't be looted by other people. Especially when the village you attack decided to revenge.

Reading what I just wrote makes me realize how emotional I am playing this game. I can't even be offline from the game at times because I fear that my village will be under attack any minute that I am offline. Especially since I am a newbie and some of the villages I attacked way upper level than me which I sneakily use my archers to attack the town hall so I can get the trophy. I fear that when they decided to revenge, the empire I build will be destroyed. There's this one person tho already "avenge" his/her empire, that particular person send six level 7 giant, ten level 5 archer and 3 level 4 wall breaker... it was horrible... they destroyed EVERYTHING!

The funny thing is I only started playing this game again 2 weeks ago. I already feel so emotional every time my empire is under attacked. But I like that every time your defense lost you will get a shield for 16 hours.

While writing this post I am actually waiting for my army to filled up. I also have a clan which is welcome to everyone. Just search Lejon Lidi and state that you saw my post from my blog and I will sure approve your request. I have to inform you tho that most of the players in my clan just started playing this game so don't expect any high level Lord in it. But we are all getting there. If you are interested in forming an alliance with me remember...


We are a clan that will always welcome donations and never fail to donate. You can share your war tactical skills with us too and we will sure help you whenever you decided to declare war. 

Right now my favorite tactics is the classic archer and barbarian. Fast and guarantee to get a lot of loots. I also like using giant although most of my army is on the lower level but I believe in quantity over quality for now. Since 12 hours are needed to upgrade the laboratory.

If any of you clash of clan addicts reading this do leave a comment. I am very keen to know what makes you an awesome player in COC?

a. Awesome Defense
b. Trophies
c. Level
d. All of the above

Okay... blog later... see ya!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My first ever vlog!

A first time for me and hopefully not the last. I will try to improve after this. But for now... do enjoy.. ;)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kinabalu aftermath

As I am writing this post there's 6 big ass salonpas sticker behind my back, I have bloated tummy and almost lost my appetite.

What did I obtain from the experience other than the RM10 certificate which the design has not been updated since 11 years ago...

1. A broken phone... fml
2. RM200 goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... fml
3. Fever... fml
4. Mild hatred towards staircase and keep on thinking the stair to my office tomorrow. (T_T)
5. Lost of almost all my social apps... fml

It might sound bad but I seen and obtained...

1. That majestic view
2. Confidence, I am that unfit compare to 11 years ago. Maybe not that fast but still okay.
3. Determination, that I must be much more fitter and stronger to achieve success in life.
4. Excitement in life.
5. That excellent food at Laban Rata.

I don't have the perfect word to describe my experience... Did I had fun? Yes.. but there are moments where I wish I hadn't embark on that journey. Sure, some might say Kinabalu hiking is not that hard but for me I feel like there's a deeper meaning. We started the journey on a nice day... then as we were hiking rain starts pouring heavily and all I can think of is getting to Laban Rata for a hot drink and a cig. But then my cigs was too damp so I had to throw it away. Then I almost want to give up at the top, I almost don't want to go to the lower's peak. But I push myself hard and I made it so that made me happy... so happy. It proves that no matter how tough life is, I will push myself until I get what I want. I am Jacynta... hear me ROAR! lol

So my health diary for 02... 

Cigs : 2

Food : Bfst = Yee mee
           Lunch = Cornetto ice cream
           Snacks = Chocolates a lot of them so I don't fall asleep.
           Dinner = Rice with moringa omelette and stir fry potato with chicken
           Supper = Egg and mayo sandwich

Exercise = None

Health Diary 03

Cigs : 1

Food : Bfst = Egg and Mayo Sandwich
           Snacks = during hiking cadbury chocolate bar.
           Lunch = Chicken ham and cheese sandwich
           Dinner = mixed rice
           Midnight snacks = Prawn crackers

Exercise = I hiked for 6 km in 3 hours.

Health diary 04

Cigs = 0

Food : Early bfst before hiking = Apple and prawn crackers
           Snacks during hiking = half bar of snickers and cadbury chocolate bar    
           Brunch = Fried rice, 2 mini sausages, half pancake with butter, fried egg with herring fish.
           3:30pm Lunch = Half plate spaghetti, prawn crackers, sweet potato fritters, tea.
           Dinner = half bowl of porridge.

Exercise = HIKINGGGG!!!

Health diary 05

Cigs = 0

Food : Breakfast = Roti canai and porridge and half bowl of instant fried noodles.
           Lunch = 0
           Snack = Potato chips shared with Aunty and Nonok.
           Dinner = 2 plates of chicken curry and a tiny... very tiny taste of bosou bakas.  

Exercise = Body sore (*o*)

Ok... lets smile and live. See you blog soon...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cynta's health diary 01

I decided to do a health diary post since I can't push myself to finish my other blogpost and also it's a reminder to myself of why I should stay healthy.

In 2 years time I will be in my 30s and I think it is about time to start taking care of my health seriously since I have so many plans and dream I have yet fulfill so to make sure I don't die before seeing it came true. Thus I have started exercise, at first it was just to make sure I have a good stamina for my kinabalu expedition the I thought maybe I should get rid of my flabby arms... maybe I should tone up my body because I think I can do it.

It's not easy tho... I am addicted to smoking, I can feel my lungs capacity compare to my cousin is very very... weak. Honestly I don't think my addiction is that bad but it's moving towards the right path to lung cancer. I ALMOST smoke a pack a day but then I cut it out to 2 packs a week maybe and 3 if I am super stress at work. I just love inhaling and exhaling that poisonous smoke, my favorite smoking time is during driving because I usually in deep thoughts while driving planning what I would do with my life stuff like that and smoking just help clears my mind. It's not that I don't know that it's bad but I just like it. Like now I am thinking how nice it is if I'm having a smoke right now... Gah! Please you just finish exercising Cynta!

Anyway, I downloaded a workout video today on how to get that inner thigh and small waist line. I almost die doing it, it was a 2 set video and I was supposed to do a 3 set video but I only managed to do 2. I did however jog in my room for 30 minutes and do arm workout for 10 minutes, so my total workout time today is 55 minutes. Yesterday was 45 minutes... I must stick to this routine because I hate seeing all this flabbiness on my body. I don't think I'm fat or chubby... I am quite thin although I did gained weight from my 40kg to 44 - 45kg.

Now I need to have a good diet plan. The problem with my diet is, I don't cook and even if I want to I rent a room without a kitchen and I usually eat out or just skipped meal. When I was at my lightest I wasn't eating at all due to stress I only ate flavorless crackers. My workplace now is a much stress free environment therefore I ate quite a lot and I am craving for that tasty nasi lemak from Gaya street which is my favourite and I am hoping that Ed will text me asking me whether I've eaten or not that I will try to avoid to reply Yes and lied to him saying I am not hungry but still hoping that he will tapao it for me. ARGH!

Please I do not want to end up like Lena Dunham. Fuck... this health thingy making me cranky. So here's my health checkup list which I promise to be as HONEST as possible.

1. Cigarettes = 1+5 (and considering 1 more... last!)

2. Breakfast = 3 piece of leftover honey chicken wings
    Lunch      = Kon lou mee ngiu chap ( I ate half the noodles and finished the soup)
    Dinner     =  Grapes and Mister Potato sour cream & onions chips (which I vomited... never again!)

3. Exercise time = 55 minutes

God help me... Please no tips on this post maybe next post, just give me some fucking motivation.

P/S : guess who just call me?.............................. Ed! and he's bringing me out for a late supper at the mamaks.
P/P/S : Tomorrow will be better since I will be with Daisy, she always make me want to be healthier.